At the south end of America, the Region of Magellan and Chilean Antarctica,

includes over One Thousand isladns, giving birth spectacular scenaries shaped by the forces of the Ice Fields, covering still every mountain over 800 MASL. In every Fjord, from Cape Horn to the Beagle Cannal, facing from the south face, the mitic Island of Tierra del Fuego, with the Andes full of Icelayer. Increible and Unforgetable landscapes.

Once in land we have large flat fields of Steppa, that we normally call PAMPAS, yellow flat lands, totally erosionated by the strong winds of Patagonia, with Guanacos, wild Lamas that feeded our nomad aborigen tribes, in Tierra del Fuego and also in the flat lands of the continent. Indeed if you just see the map, will note that my country, CHILE, its in the edge of two tectonic placs, so thats why all along Chile, it´s just coast a middle valley and the Andes, so if you go into the opposite direction of the mountains, there are just “Yellow Flat Lands – PAMPAS” untill the Atlantic.

That´s why Chile is a still a hidden destination. where the last glaciation it´s still alive, and their meltings mixed in their 1.000 fjords, more the turrent of the Pacific and the Atlantic pushing hard every 6 hours in their own directions, provide that the pristine waters are loaded with placton (Phito / Zoo) giving us the chance to share our enviroment with 3 sorts of Whales, Orcas, Dolphins, King Penguins, Magellan Penguins, sea lions, leopard seals, among many others.

The Cities or Towns that you will find in the Chilean side of Patagonia are (Starting from the south)

Puerto Williams, capital of Cape Horn. The southern most settlemen in the world.

Porvenir, Capital of Tierra del Fuego. (Chilean side) An exquisite mixed of nature from icefields and fiords until the Pampas reaching the Atlantic. King Penguins and the new route that´s trying to conect Chile with the Beagle Cannal by car. This is Simply Spectacular. Still wild and untouch.

Punta Arenas, Capital of Magellan, the southern most region of Chile and of the World. indeed if you have a look in your map, try to find the end of the land at the south end. I mean, main land, not islands. The southern most tip of America´s main land it´s called Cape Froward located 100 k to the south of Punta Arenas. Where Pacific and Atlantic melt their waters.

Magellan penguins, Humpback whales and Condors are in colonies that you could visit from Punta Arenas.

Puerto Natales, Capital of Ultima Esperanza (Last Hope) The gate of the region to the Pacific Ocean, the gate to the marvels of the southern icefield, the Gate to Torres del Paine, one of the most beautiful scenaries on earth.

From Puerto Natales you can easly connect your trip to Argentina, due to El Calafate one the highlights in Argentina it´s quite close.

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