Through out the time


On 1512, an Spanish writter, show his work called “PRIMALEON” In this book 8 years before the discovy of the Magellan Strait and Tierra del Fuego Island, this writter was inspired by his imagination with giants that lived far far away, behind the wild mountaind cover with ice and snow. According to his written words those giants were a sort o mixture between humans a animal, normally naked and covering their bodies with some wierd skins…. PATAGON, this is how Francisco Vazques 8 years before the first circunavigation around the globe imagine a new world.

When in 1520 the Portuguese “Fernao de Magalhaes” sailing on behalf of the Spanish kingdom, change his name into “Hernando de Magallanes” and sail set searching for a passage that could conect Europe to Spice Island by a different track away from Africa, that on those times all ready belong to UK and Portutgal, and that´s why they need i different route.

When finally in October of 1520 Magellan an his crew, discover the passage that connect Pacific and Atlantic Oceaan, meet for first “Giant Indigenas” that probably inspired by Primaleon he call this Land as PATAGONIA, the land of the misty weather and Giants, just like in the book!!


Down here in the South Hemisphere, there are some group of Stars called “The Southern Cross” and in the Northern Hemisphere is the Big Deeper or the “Ursa Major

When Greeks, the first sailors explorers leave out the Mediterranena Sea, and they were not able to see their orientation stars, they could not see the Ursa Major any more, for first he had the concept of ANTARKTUS.

But why?

URSA is coming from Bear and the Greeks call the Bear ARKTUS, so when they couldn´t find their Stars anymore, they named the area as ANT ARKTUS, that was the begining…

Today there not many options to come, see, feel Antarctica, but we right ways.

Trust in Our Experience!

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